Monday 11 March 2013

Welcome to Culture Vulture

Who knows if a welcome post like this is the "professional" thing to do, but to hell with it, I've finally got around to making my blog and it seems like the only way to start out. 

What am I making this blog for? Well I'd hope whoever manages to stumble across it finds enjoyment (and knowledge) from my posts. Unlike most of the blogs I read this isn't aimed solely at something like movies or music, I've taken the hefty load of blogging about all culture in general. 

Thats not to say there's no personal gain in mind for this blog, at best it'll be the perfect place for me to flex my writing skills, and at worst I'm guessing it will be the place I put all of my horrific, rambling thoughts.  

I'm sure many people create blogs simply for money, or out of the hope that they will get a writing offer from someone higher up who read the blog and thought it was so good they literally couldn't go on without offering them money, but personally I see this blog simply as place to write down my thoughts, meet new people, dissect some of my favorite media, and hopefully cause lots of heated debates in the comments section.  

So to anyone just stopping by, leave a comment and get involved, and maybe even start a blog of your own (because I've gotta tell ya, opening this first blog post and seeing that huge empty white page waiting for me was a damn freeing experience) 

And if your wondering what I would hope this blog would turn out like, I'd hope it to be splashed with colour and pictures and filled with all the madcap weekly special features and categories that I haven't got around to think of yet. 

(and just a few of my favorite things)

(and thanks for checking out the blog)


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