Saturday 19 October 2013

Rebranding (A New Beginning)

For anyone who's looking through the archives: this blog used to be called Culture Vulture, had a horrifically bland amount of white on it, gave pointless number ratings on all it's reviews, and was clearly run by some one who had very little interest in blogging.

So this is like my mission statement, it's my second actually, I already got high off the blogging juices a few months ago and wrote a perfectly full of myself post, but this time it's for real; you can tell because I even made my own banner for the site, one with lots of dead musicians on it, or three to be exact, despite my intention not being to depress at all.

But the banner, and the reference in the blogs name that I hope to high heaven that you get should get across the point this is a music blog. I'll still be yapping on about all manner of stuff, but I noticed it's music speak that most easily floods out of my brain. So I'll be deleting the huge categories list as well.

Oh yeah and if you could just get me lots more readers, a boat full of cash, some pretty ladies and some unreleased Nirvana CDs that would be great too.

Lots of love and smoochy kisses
Charlie x

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